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About Parveen

Parveen has wide and varied skills and experience working with the general public over the last 19 years. She has worked in the public sector with some fabulous professions. She is a Global Speaker on health and wellbeing holistically. She has been awarded a Global Prestigious Award as she has empowered many women in different countries. 
She continues to bring health and well-being for private clients who have benefitted from her knowledge. 
She is a Master of healing with angels and has been practicing since 2006. Also, the author of her published books Seeing is Believing, believing is Seeing which sold in many bookshops around the UK which reached a best seller in some stores, and Head In Heaven Feet On Earth. 
Parveen has been an exhibitor for many events giving talks and demonstrations. Also appearing on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. She is a Global Speaker and an expert in her field of work.
Some of her therapies have been available from various clinics in the past. AOT has helped people with anxieties, depression, lack of sleep, physical problems, emotional upsets, and spiritual support. Leaving the clients feeling relaxed and stronger in personality. 
Parveen is the Innovator of ANGELS OF TRANSFORMATION. Her teachings are of a very high standard. The healings she has given to many, many people have had instant results.  Her meditation classes are of high quality as she has members from over 16 years who have enjoyed them, they say the classes keep them going. 
Over the years Parveen has been invited by health care professionals and companies to work alongside bringing health and well-being to the workforce. The events have been successful whereby her expertise benefitted the workforce. Not forgetting her talks given to doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in the UK and overseas. 
Parveen’s aim is to help people achieve wellness. Don’t delay as your health is vital do contact Parveen on 07545193593 for your session or visit the Contact page using the button below.

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