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Spiritual Celebrant

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Peaceful, Loving Celebration Of Life Lived

When a family goes through the stress and sadness of losing a loved one, as a Celebrant I can help to ease that stress by supporting the family to plan the funeral service. The funeral service is equally important to the whole life lived when a person dies. What I will do is capture the person you loved. I would love to share the person you knew and what they loved to do and things that made them laugh and you. I would love to share any funny stories showing the reality of their life lived. I can do any type of funeral, religious or non-religious and spiritual. What counts is you and your loved one!


Remembering Them

The Funeral Service
As you gather to prepare for your sad loss, I will empathically support you. I will assist you in sharing memories on the funeral day. As difficult it is during these times, I hope to lessen the pain and share precious memories and honour your loved one. With respect, we can say farewell on the day. As you grieve you will have the healing with time as the sorrow passes you will see the life and the celebration of a life lived. The eulogy will be perfect for your loved one.
The funeral you decide to have could be non-religious, would you like a silent moment of reflection or a poem?
For a religious funeral, you may want hymns, reading or prayer. I can bring all these elements together for you.
You may want to have a cremation, burial, a memorial service, scattering of ashes, interment of ashes. Whatever the family's wishes are, I can bring that to the funeral service with sympathy and empathy.
This will be a bespoke service for you.
Your independent Funeral Celebrant.

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Natural Healing Will Take Place With Time

In this lifetime we will all experience the loss of a loved one and as profoundly sad it can be knowing the one you loved has gone and sometimes can be difficult to understand where they have gone, you will be assisted with empathy and sympathy to hold your loved ones dear in your heart. As an experienced person who connects with people daily, I can support you with a beautiful, dignified remembrance funeral service of the person you loved.

Contact me to find out more.

Blessings for weddings are also available and baby naming blessings.

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