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Zoom Courses

~ Angels of Transformation courses via Zoom or video call ~

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The online courses are here to support humanity to self-heal and evolve during these trying times of change and adaptation. I have had many years of experience teaching regular courses and nurturing students. These courses are for anyone anywhere. All you require is to have zoom or another video device to connect visually. The course times are set for the whole group. You will have regular breaks and will be professionally guided throughout the course. There has been some lovely feedback from students on how well the courses are taught through my 16 years of experience. I have had connection with Archangels for the last 19 years intensely and their connection has allowed me to support many in all professions including, nurses, doctors, social workers, teachers and carers. The courses are facilitated monthly.
The level 1 course taught 6 hours per day for the 2-day course. Contact me to book your course. You can then follow on to the other course levels.
You will feel the love and protection from the Archangels and Masters of Light. Within all the levels you will learn up to 10 techniques, be in the presence of 4 Ascended Masters, 8 Cosmic Masters and Divine Beings and 34 Archangels.
You will feel the overwhelming LOVE from the Archangels and Divine Beings.
You will sense deep gratitude for all that will be given on these amazing courses.
Have you heard your calling?
These are no ordinary courses.
This is Angels Of Transformation
This is Healing And Service In The New Aeon

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