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There are five levels to the Angels of Transformation

Level 1 ~ Self Help

Level 1 is the self-help, self-healing modality to keep you well. Once you have been trained in this level you have the ability to self-help daily to bring wellness for the mind-body and soul. The body feels more strengthened with the various techniques and you feel more focused and aware of the journey ahead. You will receive the beautiful Divine energies of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This level is transforming for the self.


Level 2 ~ Family and Friends 
Level 3 ~ Professional Practice

Level 2 Family and Friends

Level 2 is the advanced level whereby you learn more techniques. There are some beautiful meditations to assist the student's physical body. You do receive more connections to the 31 Archangels and 4 Ascended Masters. The Cosmic Masters take you further on your journey. You also receive one-to-one healings in the group. You then have the ability to distant heal whether it is for family and friends.

Level 3 Professional Practice

You can if wished take this level to set up your own professional practice. There is guidance given on how this can be done.

The teacher will guide you and keep in regular contact to help you. At this level, you will not feel alone as there are regular group gatherings and further professional guidance.

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Level 4 ~ Self-Mastery Level
Level 5 ~ Master Teacher Level

Level 4 Self Mastery Level

Level 4 is for those whom feel they would like to support themselves for their own self-mastery journey they can come to this level. There are many tools to support the journey. You will receive 9 symbols, connections to 4 Ascended Masters, 34 Archangels, and 8 cosmic Beings. This is the Self Mastery Level. 

Level 5 Master Teacher Level

This the Master Teacher level. It is at this stage that you are invited to take this level if you wish to become a teacher to train others. This level gives you higher deeper connections to the spiritual realms. This level will be given to those whom are dedicated and committed to the service work. Parveen has been teaching the courses with high integrity and that should flow through to all those whom wish to become a teacher of this system. 

You will receive 9 symbols, connections to 4 Ascended Masters, 34 Archangels, 8 Cosmic High Divine Beings. A further 3 techniques to encompass all aspects of life. 

A truly Divine Mastery Course.

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Levels: Services
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