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What My Clients & Students Say

Participating in Level 1 of Angels Of Transformation, Healing and Service In The New Aeon was truly life changing. The energy during the course was like no other that I‘ve experienced before. The energy was instantaneous and strong which lasted for weeks. The energy itself was very calming, gave me a sense of peace and love, while simultaneously giving me lots of energy and focus to continue my daily activities at home and work. It’s been one month since I took the course and I continue to see a positive turn around in all my relationships both personal and professional. I have mental clarity and energy to get things done quickly and efficiently. I came up with creative ideas at work which was greatly appreciated by my leaders. During the course I felt instantly connected to the angels and saints, and still do as I continue to do self healings. This course is truly transformational in every way (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate and transform their life.

Asha - Student

I was going through a rough patch tired stuck lonely due to the pandemic caring for my dad 24 hours a day not being able to have a break not having a good sleep it was all too much. I asked Parveen to send me some healing as I was totally burnt out I was putting pressure on my body my relationship and life. Parveen sent me healing and the same day I felt more energetic I felt I was in control of my emotions as well as the situation from that point to the point I am now I literally feel like I have been swooped off the floor. I'm sleeping better most days I'm not emotional all the time I've been able to deal with my emotions better now I don't let my batteries die out fully soon as I think they are getting low I ask Parveen to send me some healing a great system that works perfectly.

Sunny Kaur - Client & Student

I've been attending for 1:1 sessions with Parveen on a weekly basis for a couple of months and seen my mental and physical health change in many positive ways. I leave my sessions feeling lighter, more at peace and with greater clarity of thought. The sessions have helped me to focus and feel confident again in an uncertain and ever-changing world.

Would recommend


Hi I have had much help over the last 4 years of Parveen I have had lots of help and guidance always left a healing and session feeling something amazing happening for my highest good and life changing for me to be on such a better and safer path in life most recently in these hard times we facing. Parveen introduced me to the new course angels of transformation I find this type of healing extremely powerful and simple and really good for my mental health spiritual well being and so happy how grounded I feel. This has helped me away from the fear and panic that this time has created in the pandemic that is going on. I have learned this course myself up to level 2 and done my own self healing and received healing from Parveen as well, from this new style I find this healing so profound and gentle yet powerful and Grounding and fast working that this can help so many people in this time. With everything I have done with Parveen at this time it's helped me through the changes in the world as so many people are having the transformation it can be such a more gentle ride with this healing course and guidance I am so very grateful for and would recommend this course and healing methods to any one. Her healing and guidance that Parveen works so hard with to help other people is so blessed with 100% divine light from the most highest and purest forms of healings there is available today

Joe Durkins Client & Student

Parveen has supported me over the past 7 years as a student and a client. Over the past 2 months I have been experiencing anxiety and dips of depression. Having received fantastic support from Parveen with a set of 3 Angel's of transformation healings, I am now back to feeling myself. I am a lot stronger, happier and able to look forward with optimism. I would recommend this gentle but powerful healing from angels of 100% pure light, to all.

Would recommend

Client & Student

Linda Taylor

I have had Angels of Transformation healing sessions with Parveen to help with anxiety. Before my first 1:1 session I was very emotional and drained but healing made me feel immediately calmer and lighter. I was amazed at how quickly this healing works. Parveen’s support has been fantastic and the healings have helped me to feel stronger and have a more positive outlook. I would definitely recommend this to others.
Would recommend
Client & Student


My daughter and I were separated at my time of divorce around 14 years back and were never in communication till this time except on couple of emergency occasions. I Reached out to Parveen and requested a Transformative Angelic healing session. I requested 3 sessions spread over 3 months. These sessions were done on proxy basis with my approval. The third session finished in oct 2020 end. I kept my fingers crossed anticipating some communication from my children. To the Divine surprise, I received calls from my daughter and she said , going forward she would like to stay in communication and would like to catch up on the years lost with me. I broke at this moment and fell in deep silence of gratitude. Not only this, my daughter also expressed an interest to learn about Angel's. I would like to personally thank Parveen for bringing in this change and even seeding the thought to learn about Angel's. Awesome I am grateful and Request similar session with Parveen for my second daughter too. That's truely a miracle for me. Thank you all the Divine Angel's. Looking forward to doing the course.

Would recommend


Ram P

I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus also Arthritis and Lymphoma. I have been in so much pain hardly able to move around but after just one healing session with Parveen, I felt like my illnesses had flown out of the window. I couldn't believe it. I need to go back for regular healing sessions in order to keep me feeling good though but nevertheless, it's a miracle.
Thank you, Parveen.
Parveen is a miraculous Angelic Healer, so warm and calm I can feel her divine light each healing session I have with her and to help everyone she touches.
Would Highly Recommend


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