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Seeing is Believing
Believing is Seeing

A true spiritual story of encounters of angels

Seeing is Believing, Believing is Seeing reached a best seller in Borders Book Stores, Waterstones and local book shops. Parveen's true story of her accounts with angels sold in many countries. She has been dedicated to her clients with compassion. Her clients travelled distances to see her for her healings. After many visions of Ascended Masters and Angels how could she keep it all quiet? Her first book written with heart and soul in hope to tell the world of her experiences.

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What Readers Say

I finished reading your book, it was so uplifting and heartwarming, such a privilege to hear your amazing personal journey. I really appreciated hearing about all the synchronicities and Angel signs, some of which I've felt myself.

Emma H

Usually, when I read books I get tired very easily even when the book is exciting. But when I was reading Seeing Is Believing, I was wide awake the whole time, I could have read the whole book in one go but as soon as I put it down I felt instantly tired. The book kept me energised.

Alysha Smith

Absolutely loved the book, especially when you wrote about all the little coincidences that were happening to you during your journey.

Danny Gormley

Lovely book, compulsive reading.

Audrey Hough

I'm really enjoying this book.


Parveen, I think I found your book very honest and inspirational. It also strengthened the idea that once one accepts what life throws at you, good or the right things will emerge in time. And one can become stronger in faith.

Laura CuCu

09/10/2019 · (A very good read)

 Parveen Smith This book is written as if Parveen were recounting significant events in her life to a friend. I would say it's a book about spirituality and an encounter with angels. I am spiritual myself and have talked with Parveen. I am in completely agree.


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